All salt originates from the sea and natural salt is very high in minerals!  Salt has been consumed by civilizations for thousands of years. Yet salt is one of the most commonly restricted items in a person’s diet today. Why has salt become such a villain?

In this section we will learn about:

  • The History of Salt
  • Refined Salt
  • Chemical Salt Substitutes to Avoid
  • Unrefined Salt
  • Naturopathic vs. Allopathic Medicine Opinion

You can follow along on pages 235-239 in your book.

What you will need:

The Transformation Book

My Transformation Journal (optional)

Slide/Notes Pages – For Note Taking


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  • What is one new thing you learned in this lesson about salt?
  • What is one new use for unrefined sea salt that you learned in this lesson?
  • Where can you purchase Celtic Sea Salt or Redmond Real Salt in your area?