Dr. Michele Menzel, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Bionetic Counselor, and author of The Transformation.

Dr. Menzel created a new lifestyle support service for practitioners to provide for their clients. Since 2008, she has been doing the Transformation Seminar and teaching the 48 Days to Eating & Living Naturally for Life to her clients at Energetic Wellness. The Transformation is one of the foundational courses in the programs offered at the Energetic Wellness School of Naturopathy. Enrolled students and practitioners have shared an interest in providing the Transformation in their own practice, therefore, we created an online seminar and client course for you to do just that! 

“I created a way for you to take advantage of the program for your clients! Why would you want to include the Transformation as a service to your clients? Think about these possibilities!”

Don’t have enough time to teach nutrition and lifestyle changes to your clients? Are you tired of them coming to you wanting a diet plan? Elimination Diet? A weight loss plan? Detox diet? Gut diet? Pregnancy diet? Build their immune system?

Do you want to introduce your clients to a proven Transformative Lifestyle that will change their life forever and accomplish what they are looking for and more? Do you want to help your clients know the proven benefits of living a natural lifestyle avoiding diet trends and 100 different dietary theories? Do you want to teach them how to apply the natural laws of healing giving them the information in a 279-page resource book, seminar and video series that will help change their life forever?


There are two ways in which you can purchase the seminar for your clients. The first way is to join Dr. Menzel LIVE/Virtual with your community. When you purchase the LIVE Seminar, you will have access to stream the Transformation with your community! The second way is to purchase the online Seminar for your clients to watch at their own convenience.

After the seminar your clients can purchase the Transformation Course specifically designed to guide them through the Transformation book, learning in depth the 7 Laws of Wellness, the truth about Ancestral Living which is the only way to  keep us well; the why behind the need to eat nutrient-dense foods like our ancestors did, giving them the tools to transform their kitchen, their pantry, how to start the 48 Day plan, eliminate sugar and white flour, choose the right grains, choose real food, along with hours of demos on exactly what foods to buy and where; how to make bone broth, or buy the right bone broth at the store, and more! Hours of video content outlined in a 6-week course to watch at their leisure! 

Your clients will have access to the online Transformation Seminar for 3 months and the 48-Day Transformation Course for 1 year! (This is explained in great detail below)

Do you have questions?

Please feel free to email us at school@energeticwellnessok.com or call 405-359-1245