The Transformation Seminar for Practitioners –


Join Dr. Menzel for this one day seminar as she introduces our Energetic Wellness community/clients to the WHY and the HOW of Eating & Living Naturally for Life! It’s not a Diet, it’s a Way of LIFE!

Are you ready to introduce the The Transformation to your community?

Now, more than ever is the time to teach our communities the importance of eating and living naturally for vitality and health! Learning to eat and live according to nature and in balance with the body’s design is the ONLY way to achieve lasting results. The Transformation is an amazing journey that will transform the rest of your life and your clients’ lives! Whether you have a thriving holistic practice or just starting your practice this is a great way to start the new year!!!

IT is our time! People are waking up and searching for the truth, we have the answers!

My goal for our community is 50 participants! Will you join me and shoot for 50 in your community?

All you need is a large monitor to LIVE STREAM the seminar in your clinic, gathering place, or home!

It’s a package deal for you!


$250 – LIVE STREAM ACCESS – 8:30am – 6:00pm
Includes Access, Itinerary & Seminar Workbook

Special Wholesale price on Books and Journals – $20 books (min. 10), Journal $5 (min. 10)
(call for details and orders) (405) 359-1245

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The main objective of the Seminar is to enroll as many of our clients in the Transformation, 48 Day Online Program, which I will be recording LIVE for 6 weeks after the seminar. It will be recorded and placed on the school website for Clients! You can purchase the course wholesale for your clients (charge client retail), they receive login access to the video program and workbook to guide them through the 48 Day Transformation!

Enroll Your Clients – Transformation 48 Day Online Program
Help them Transform & Succeed!

7 Laws of Wellness
Simple Stages 1 2 3
Tasty Recipes & Meal Plans
and so much more!

Transformation Client Program!

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September 16 & 17, 2022