Transformation LIVE Seminar


Welcome to the Transformation LIVE Seminar!

When? September 16 & 17, 2022

Where? Energetic Wellness or virtually!

Time? September 16, 9am – 4pm CST, September 17, 9am – 12:30pm CST

Come join us for the annually Transformation LIVE seminar. 

If you attend in person on Friday, you will be provided a nutrient dense lunch.

Price does not include Transformation Book. 

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Learning how to take responsibility for our lives through natural living practices is new to us.

Natural living is the way we are intended to live!  THIS IS OUR DESIGN!

The body was designed with specific biological purposes to SUPPORT LIFE – to SUPPORT everything about us – THOUGHT, FEELING, AND EMOTION.

WORKING WITH NATURE and not against it is for our good. 

In this Transformation LIVE Seminar, you will learn about:

  • Fundamental Laws of Natural Living
  • How to apply these Laws into your Daily Routine
  • How to REBALANCE THE BODY through the application of the 7 Laws of Wellness
  • How to achieve energy and vitality into old age
  • Why the 48 Day is Valuable
  • How to Eat nutritious foods that FILL YOU UP BUT DON’T MAKE YOU FAT!
  • How Dr. Menzel healed herself using the Weston A. Price methods.  See in her book how she has simplified it into three stages.
    • Stage 1 = Getting off condiments and sweeteners.  Eating the right kind of foods and fats.
    • Stage 2 = Learning how to expand your food choices.
    • Stage 3 = Eating the way you should for LIFE!
  • How to make prepare nutrient dense meals and snacks.
  • The right fats, real sweeteners, and solid solutions for immunity.
  • Natural Vitamin B and why we are all VITAMIN B DEFICIENT because of the foods we’ve been eating.
  • Supplementation and Body Support
  • The Science behind the Transformation from special guest, Dr. Woolley


                                                        Learn the LAWS OF WELLNESS

                                                        Understand the LAWS OF SUPPLEMENTATION

                                                        Know the DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FAST FOODS AND REAL FOODS

                                                        Avoid the Confusion!

                                                        Speak with Authority!

                                                        Learn why GMO means POISON!

                                                        Drink the RIGHT WATER!  Don’t get caught drinking water from the tap!

                                                        AVOID the chlorine poison from the shower!







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Live / Virtual

Live, Virtual


Sept 16 – 17, 2022