Organic and locally Grown

It’s so common for people to ask – Is Organic really that much better?  YES!

Organic is better for many reasons!  Locally grown organic is even better!  When you buy organic, you’re getting:

  • Hormone free
  • Antibiotic free
  • Pesticide & herbicide free
  • Non-GMO/ Non-BE
  • Higher nutrient levels
  • Prenatal benefits
  • Higher levels of antioxidants
  • It’s better for the economy and the planet!
  • It even tastes better!

You can follow along in your book on pages 175-186.


What you will need:

The Transformation Book

My Transformation Journal (optional)

Slide/Notes Pages – For Note Taking


Enjoy the video below and when finished, hit complete and move ahead to the next lesson.


  • Seek out what is available in your area.  Do you have local farmer’s markets?  What about a community co-op?  What are there hours and locations?


  • Visit your local markets and get to know your local farmers.  What are their farming practices?  Do they plant Organic/Non-GMO seeds?   Do they use herbicides/pesticides?  Do they use vaccines/hormone therapies in their livestock?  What do they feed their livestock?  What meats, dairy, and produce do they raise and have available for purchase?