48 Days – Foods to Enjoy /Avoid

Let’s Begin to Enjoy Foods the Way Nature Intended!


In Stage 1, we will help the body undergo detoxification by supporting elimination.  The many foods for you to enjoy in Stage 1 support healthy cleansing.  Processed and pro-inflammatory foods are eliminated from your diet, and although grains are not included in this stage, you will enjoy a wide variety of grass-fed, organic, fresh or frozen meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and even raw goat/sheep dairy, and some fruits.  Best of all – Don’t forget to load up those vegetables with a healthy topping of BUTTER from grass-fed cows!  YUM!

Stage 2 is where we get to really listen and learn what foods your body feels and performs best on.  Now that you have  a clean slate of balanced hormones and blood sugar through the completion of Stage 1, we can slowly begin to reintroduce new healthy foods.  The key to introduction of foods is to go SLOWLY!  Introduce one new food every two or three days.  Pay attention to your energy level, mental alertness, ability to sleep and your weight.  You will soon learn what foods your body likes and functions well on and which foods should be avoided or only enjoyed on rare occasions.

Stage 3 is everyone’s favorite!!  Grains and raw cow dairy are re-introduced.  Take things slowly!!  Although the foods in stage 3 are healthy, whole foods, they do tend to lend toward weight gain if consumed frequently.  If your focus is weight loss/management, you may wish to hold off on adding back the foods listed under stage 3 and continue to enjoy the Stage 2 food options. Enjoy the process of learning about yourself!!

The body is designed to be fueled by different foods during the different seasons of the year.  Eating whole foods that are in season for your geographic location will help serve as a guide for eating according to the season.  Some foods have a warming effect on the body while other foods are cooling.

We will learn in this section how to build meal plans for each stage of the 48 Days as well as meal plans based on eating according to the season.

Pure, whole foods are full of flavor, making them delicious and satisfying!

You can follow along in your book on pages 105-174.

  • The Transformation Book
  • My Transformation Journal (optional)
  • Slide Notes Pages – For Note Taking


After watching the video below, hit complete and you will be ready to move ahead to the next lesson!

  •  Look at your current grocery list.  Since you’re already out of these items and needing to replenish them, what healthier version can you use to replace them?  Choose 2, 3, or more if you’re able and begin to transform your kitchen and pantry with healthier options!  Refer to pages 116 and 117 in your book for guidance.
  • What Stage 1 recipe can you prepare today?  See pages 138-173 for recipe ideas.
  • What foods are currently in season in your area?  How can you implement one or more of these seasonal foods into your meal plan this week?