Water is one of the most important nutrients the body needs!

Many people today are suffering from chronic dehydration yet they remain completely unaware.  The cells of the body are full of water and and when we are not consuming adequate amounts of the right kind of water, we will feel the effects!

Benefits of Water:

  • More energy
  • Better performance
  • Weight loss
  • Fewer headaches & dizziness
  • Improved digestion and elimination of waste 

In this section we will learn what we DO NOT want in our water, what type of water is best, how to stay properly hydrated, and why proper hydration is important.  Water is necessary for mere survival, but proper hydration can help you thrive!

You can follow along in your book on pages 36- 39

What you will need:

The Transformation Book

My Transformation Journal (optional)

Slide/Notes Pages – For Note Taking


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  • List one step you can take today to improve the quality of the water you drink.
  • List steps you can take over the next six months to improve the quality of water you consume/use for personal hygiene.
  • List one thing you can do to increase the amount of water you drink today.
  • List steps you can take to encourage and remind yourself to be drinking more water.
  • Is there a beverage you’re consuming now that you are ready to cut back on/eliminate and replace with water?