Natural Laws of Healing 2


We have been designed by the Creator with the incredible capacity to heal from within. If we get in the way of that process, we may create more issues that will reduce our level of well-being. In this course you will be taught Advanced and Indepth Review of the various brains/tissue pathways. The emotional/trauma links will be discussed. This course requires Natural Laws of Healing course completion

The Brain Stem, Cerebellum, Midbrain, Neocortex and their related body/tissue systems will be discussed as well as how to use the course materials as resources for ongoing development. We will also review common programs you may face in your clinic. With a touch on basic review on how to read laboratory reports from a biological standpoint as reflected in your textbook.

  • 1 month – [30 hours] – online/in person – Dr. Menzel and Dr. Woolley

  • Reference textbook – The Psychic Roots of Disease – Björn Eybl and reference www.Learning GNM .com 

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December 1-3, 2022


In-Person, Virtual