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Transformation Webinar 9.9.22 - Balancing Emotions through the 7 Laws of Wellness!

In this video, Dr. Menzel discusses Food and Mood. How to best balance the emotions using the 7 laws of wellness.


Transformation Webinar 8.19.22 - Transformation the why!

In this video, Dr. Menzel discusses what the Transformation is itself. There is so much information out there today! The transformation is about getting you to optimal wellness through natural eating/lifestyle changes.

Transformation Webinar 7.8.22- Exercise!

Exercise is one of the 7 laws of wellness!

In this video below Dr. Menzel had special guest Becky Chambers from BC Vibrant Health. They discussed the Vibrant Health Power 1,000 this device delivers a vibration powerful enough to give you an intense workout, but it is also gentle and smooth enough to be safe and easy to use. This machine is designed for people of all ages. It is especially ideal for baby boomers and seniors who are facing the challenges of aging – aching joints, weight gain, bone loss, low energy, memory, mood, and sleep issues, and many other age-related issues. It is the perfect machine for optimizing health.

Purchase Options- https://bcvibranthealth.com/ref/76/