All times are in Eastern time.

We are restructuring our teleconferences to best suit everyone's needs! Stay tuned for more updates.

This is the teleconference weekly schedule page. Find the teleconference link to enter the room within the appropriate course that you are enrolled in. If there are videos for that course, the videos will be used instead of the live teleconference..

Please note: Teleconferences landing on holiday weeks will not be held. The Time for Wednesdays has been changed.

Also remember, you should be submitting your questions directly to the school for our immediate attention. Click on the Support button below just in case you can't join in the teleconference. As the recorded videos expand, the teleconferences will be replaced with the pre-recorded sessions.


Andi Locke Mears offers 4 teleconferences per month on Mondays. The times will be included in your 'Welcome' module.

  1. 1st week - reviews GNM Modules 1-3
  2. 2nd week - reviews GNM Modules 4 + 5
  3. 3rd week - reviews GNM Part 2
  4. 4th week - Open Q+A
  5. 5th week - if there is a 5th Monday there will not be a call that day.



  • Download Zoom on your computer here.
  • We like to alternate times so that the schedule works for a variety of students.
  • The calls are ALL recorded and can be accessed on Teleconference page in the associated course, so if you cannot be on the call at the time it occurs you may still listen in later. Please note, it takes about a week for each recording to post.
  • ALL times are Eastern time
  • You cannot join in a teleconference call for a class you are not in, with the exception of Wednesday calls - weeks 1 and 2. 
  • Once you have completed the course you may join that course teleconference anytime for review