Teleconference Schedule:

1st Wednesday of each month: Intro to Bionetics live teleconference hosted by Dr. Deb Weichel at 6:00 CST for those who want to review the Foundational Scan taught in Course 2 – Intro to Bionetics.

1st Wednesday of each month: ND & BNC program review live teleconference hosted by Dr. Menzel at 7:00 CST. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions regarding ND course study. Dr. Menzel will also review case studies. (Although BNC students are welcome to join this teleconference, technology will not be discussed.)

• In addition to your program curriculum and learning materials, live teleconferences are available to our students.

• Teleconferences are not required for the completion of your program, but strongly encouraged.

• Teleconference times and dates are subject to change according to the instructor's availability.

• If a teleconference is not available on a given date, we encourage you to watch recorded teleconferences viewable in your program under the teleconference module.

• You will be notified through text of any change to the teleconference schedule.
• It is highly suggested you check your email and text messages for changes every Wednesday prior to attending a live teleconference class.
• There will not be teleconferences the week of May 26th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and the second week of January 2022.

DRAFT pending OBPVS catalog change February 2021.

Click on the day below to access your teleconference.


Andi Locke Mears offers 4 teleconferences per month on Mondays. The times will be included in your 'Welcome' module.

  1. 1st week - reviews GNM Modules 1-3
  2. 2nd week - reviews GNM Modules 4 + 5
  3. 3rd week - reviews GNM Part 2
  4. 4th week - Open Q+A
  5. 5th week - if there is a 5th Monday there will not be a call that day.


  • Download Zoom on your computer here.
  • ALL times are Central Time Zone