Introducing New Human's Next Generation Bionetics Technology: SV2 Insight

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A non-invasive system which takes the guesswork out of clinical assessment with data-driven, personalized therapy tools.

The SV2 Insight™ Scan

By applying your patient's hand to SV2 Insight's HID (Human Interface Device), digital frequencies are transmitted through the skin to establish a two-way communication channel between their body and the computer. It learns the specific language of your patient's body by using sample signals to determine a normal or baseline mode and the range of its stress responses.

When baseline has been established, the SV2 Insight measures changes in wave patterns as the signals encounter similar or dissimilar frequencies associated with the patient's reactions to stimulus.

SV2 accelerates client and practice success


SV2 Insight is simple to learn

SV2 Insight streamlines assessment

SV2 Insight saves hours of muscle testing

SV2 Insight helps increases your profits

Hands on and online trainings that are a powerful key to your success

SV2 Insight integrates advanced techniques and protocols

SV2 Insight addresses mind, body, and spiritual trauma

Botanical products developed to effectively and precisely address the needs identified in your assessment

Your clients will feel better faster for the long-run. New Human gives you the tools to put them on the road to life-changing healing, all in the palm of your hand.

SpectraVision 2.0 Insight

Specifications & Technical Details

Lightweight, portable, and battery powered, this go-anywhere device leads the international market in bioenergetic assessment, total wellness and trauma-informed care.

Our frequency based therapies and multidimensional products support your clients to understand and participate in their own healing, in your office, their home, or even at a distance.

Learn more about this truly amazing device which continues to revolutionize wellness care, and pioneer the miracle of self-healing through self-awareness in this exciting age of modern medicine!