Fundamentals Refresher


Fundamentals of Bionetics – Foundational Protocol Refresher


This seminar was designed for the SpectraVision beginner, as well as the Seasoned SV Practitioner. For the seasoned practitioner, it is a fabulous review or maybe your first time learning the Fundamental Scan Protocol. In this live seminar we will be demonstrating from start to finish the Fundamental Protocol.If you desire to have a review and refresher of understanding the fundamentals of single channel point testing, multichannel testing, this is the seminar for you.

This seminar will also be an opportunity to ask questions regarding the subject matter.


  •  Prerequisites –


Fundamentals of Bionetics – Foundational Protocol Refresher 

  • SV2, SV or Body Scan owner with current software
  •  You have taken Fundamentals of Bionetics on or after February, 2021
  • Half day training – [3 ½ hours] – online – Dr. Menzel and Dr. Weichel
Training cost included with specific programs.

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March 15, 2024, September 20, 2024

In-Person / Virtual

In-Person, Virtual