Colon Hydrotherapy: A Different Approach

Pauline Phillips
Submitted to:
Energetic Wellness
School of Naturopathy
In Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the Bionetic Naturopathic Counselor Certification
January 3,2024

After five years of providing a single therapy for my colon hydrotherapy clients, I realized they needed more. At the time, I was providing supplements such as probiotics, digestive enzymes and a colon movement product that was all plants/herbs. The items they checked on the health history revealed emotional and lifestyle issues not rectified by colon hydrotherapy and supplements. Colon hydrotherapy alone is not an adequate therapy for long term colon health so clients need to be empowered through education and implementation of a healthy lifestyle and natural law medicine, so they can experience a change in their lifestyle and perceptions, experiencing optimal colon health. The main client deficiencies were in their hydration, nutrition, and having a “pill for every ill” mentality that was not only fostered by modern medicine but naturopathic doctors. The other need was correctly seeing the body through the biological changes that occurred when unexpected events happened, so they could change their perceptions of the event and see their symptoms as a healing phase. All this is needed to have a healthy and efficient colon.

During the hour and fifteen-minute appointment, with the knowledge of the client questionnaire, it is easy to start the process of teaching them about better lifestyle changes. Many clients do not even go to the produce department for their vegetables and fruits, much less eat grass-fed meats and raw dairy products. Many clients drink maybe 16 oz of water a day that might not even be filtered. They are deficient in getting any exercise and hardly ever get outdoors. They are confused about what they need to do for optimal health. Other clients are more knowledgeable because they have read to learn but get contradictory information. Some have had major health issues and made severe changes in their lifestyles that they knew they should have done earlier. But, giving them enough information that will be retained and implemented during the colon hydrotherapy session has proved inadequate for permanent change. I now suggest to all my clients to make an appointment for the nutritional/lifestyle counseling as a separate appointment hopefully followed by a SpectraVision scan appointment. Personal lifestyle can cover many topics but here I will cover water and nutrition as they are the most critical for the colon hydrotherapy client. Changes made in these lifestyle areas bring about the most positive changes to the health of the colon.


Water is an amazing life-giving substance. I have found that most people see our world only in the physical aspect and are unaware of the unseen world. The unseen world is critical when understanding water. When anything is separated into its smallest part you will find atoms and the smallest parts of these atoms are vibrating; it is all particles and waves. Vibrating parts have frequencies, the arrangement of these particles and waves makes unique frequencies, so that even one human is never the same as another. An incredible book called “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto gives us an inside look into water. He states, “Water faithfully mirrors all the vibrations created in the world and changes theses vibrations into a form that can be seen with the human eye.” (Emoto pg. 43) The frequencies of our spoken word spoken to water, written words wrapping the water or pictures underneath the water will produce crystals that can then be seen in a physical shape of unique crystals. When with a client I explain that water is vibratory, spiritual and life-giving. I explain and show them the crystal structures found by Dr. Emoto and how our words affect not only the water we are drinking but the people we live and work with. I recommend his book in my Post CHT Handout. I share that I have often wondered why everyone went looking for the fountain of youth when it was right in the rivers, streams and natural springs all around them.

What about the relationship between our bodies and water? Our bodies are 70% water. We need it for nutrition, healing and energy. Water in our bodily fluids brings nutrients from our food to our body. It even transports energy within our body through the fluid in our meridian energy tubules. During the healing process water is used to protect the area that is healing. Dr. Menzel states, “The cells in our bodies are full of water. Muscles are 75% water; blood is 82% water; lungs are 90% water; the brain, the control center of your body, is 76% water; and even bones are 25% water”. (Menzel, pg. 36)

Most clients come for colon hydrotherapy in a state of dehydration with some admitting they only drink 0 to 2 glasses per day and others claiming they drink a lot of water. I have found that the average person drinks when they are thirsty which is an indication of dehydration. Encouraging one cup of water an hour through the day can usually provide the needed two to three quarts needed daily. I suggest the client swallow their probiotic with the quart of water placed in the bathroom immediately on waking, walk to the kitchen and refill it and place it again in the bathroom. This small amount of walking notifies the body that it is time to start the sympathetic daytime phase. This water also stimulates the GI tract and brings hydration back to the body after a night of no water. The pervasive American morning habit is to drink coffee to wake up in the morning. In reality, the brain will wake up on its own when given the water it needs. It is also very encouraging for the client to realize by the time they start to eat breakfast that they have already ingested a quart of water. I suggest that clients drink filtered or spring water. There are many options today but best if they have a carbon and fluoride filter. If anything is added to flavor water as so many do today, it is no longer water. I also suggest that they swirl the water in the glass as much as possible as movement is better than stagnation.


Nutrition is a relatively new science with the emphasis today on diets of all sorts that have brought confusion and worsening health for most individuals. The client needs to have clear directions on when, what and how to eat nutrient dense foods. The food we eat and the water we drink are the only nutrients that we have. Are we eating high octane fuel or are we eating contaminated and altered foods? Convenience foods have distanced us from the food source so that we only eat not to feel hungry, instead of eating to nourish. There is a disconnect between the food we eat, the body we must live in and the effects food has on our bodies. Today, grocery store isles are less than one fourth whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, meats, dairy and fats. The rest of the store is comprised of food that is processed. They are packaged in cans, bags, boxes and as already prepared meals in the freezer section. This has come about in the past decades partially due to the ability of our food to travel across the country without spoilage, making local farms of veggies, fruit, dairy, grains and meats in the minority. We used to only get food that grew in the area where we lived. This allowed us to eat in season foods that are much more nutritious, fresh and not damaged. “Older farming techniques are being replaced by large agribusinesses that grow crops in mass quantities. Many chemical insecticides are routinely applied for crop pest control. Also, much of the food we consume is prepackaged and many “fast” foods are overly refined. Nutrients that exist naturally in raw foods are being removed by progressive refinement and processing techniques.” (Gerber, pg. 84). This emphasizes the need for teaching clients about food sources, so they start to realize that all food is not equal. When in the grocery store, clients should focus on the perimeter of the grocery store with discriminate buying from within the isles. Sources of organic vegetables, pastured meats and eggs, raw dairy products, sprouted grains and lacto-fermented foods can be in the grocery but can also be found in food co-ops, CSA’s and with local farmers. Sourcing our food locally does connect us back to our community. Dr. Jensen states, “One great lesson I had from Rocine was that life really begins in the kitchen. It goes back still farther to the soil and the farm. There is a greater doctor in the soil –a greater doctor in the plant – than any doctor who ever sat in an office. These are the doctors we should go to. These are the doctors we should know more about because foods doctor us. Foods heal and cure us.” (Jensen pg83) The art of being in the kitchen, much less in the garden, is a trailing art but I do encourage clients to learn the joy of the kitchen and at least put a tomato or cucumber plant in a container and start to enjoy fresh produce. This is doable and encourages them to change what they spend their time on while being outdoors in the sun and oxygen.

For the time to eat, I suggest to clients that they eat supper four hours before they plan on retiring for the night. Hopefully eating by six or seven. Eating later than this sabotages the body’s natural cycle of repair and detoxification. The body also is making new cells and tissues during sleep. Eating late disturbs this time, forcing the body to digest when the body should be using its energies to heal according to the Chinese Body Clock where every two hours a different organ/meridian system cleanses and repairs. Sleeping is nature’s built-in fasting time so eating right before bed is discouraged.

When discussing how to eat, I suggest they mimic the French and eat their meals in a calm environment, with good conversation and savor every bite while chewing well. Chewing well starts digestion in the mouth with the digestive enzymes provided by their salivary glands. Many clients try to gulp down a smoothy without even chewing and wonder why they are full of gas. If sympathetic dominant with an argument, unpleasant people/conversation or rushing, the body cannot digest the food as it is on alert for the present danger at hand.

For the client to know what to eat, I do recommend the food pyramid in The Transformation that is footnoted from Dr. Mercola. (Menzel, pg. 191). We will follow this in the discussion of what a client needs to eat and why they need to eat this category of food.


Fats share the bottom of the pyramid with vegetables which means this is the largest group to consume. Clients are the most confused about fats due to all the wrong information given to them from varied sources, including sometimes their medical doctor, family or friends. The biggest confusion is whether saturated or non-saturated fats are the best choice; saturated fats being blamed for heart disease. According to Dr. Menzel, “saturated fats (PG 192) play many vital roles in the body. They provide integrity to the cell wall, promote the body’s use of essential fatty acids, enhance the immune system, protect the liver and help it to dump its fat content, contribute to strong bones by helping incorporate calcium into bone, essential for hormonal balance, assist kidney function, provide nourishment for the brain which is mainly fat and cholesterol and play a role in proper nerve signaling”. We can eat saturated fats and therefore utilize our fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. These vitamins can only be digested, absorbed and transported when fats are present. It is vital for the client to understand these truths so they can venture into utilizing these fats for their health. Fats are also a source of Essential Fatty Acids. The SAD diet is unbalanced with too many Omega 6’s. Omega 6 and 3 should be in a one-to-one ratio. Some think the ratio is sometimes a 10 or 20 to 1 ratio, especially if clients eat a lot of fast foods or even eat out frequently at “good” restaurants. It is critical to understand that the oils on the grocery shelf are processed vegetable oils or fats which contain the Omega 6’s and trans fats due to chemical hydrogenation. The hydrogenated liquid oils and the “spreads” have been processed so need to be avoided. Dr. Menzel gives an extensive list in The Transformation (pg. 192) giving a list of fats to consume, cold-pressed oil for occasional use and commercial fats and oils to avoid completely. This list is given to clients when they come for the Nutritional Consultation. The first recipe I give clients is for a homemade salad dressing using an EVOO which is ideally used only in its raw state. It is helpful when the client realizes that their health is supported with healthy saturated and unsaturated fats. They will feel the difference when eating them as they will feel satisfied and will not grab an unhealthy snack before the next meal. Realizing what each fat-soluble vitamin does for the body is valuable for compliance of changing the eating habits of the colon challenged client. Vitamin A helps the process of absorbing proteins and calcium during digestion and distributing them to the body for proper growth. Taking calcium supplements without eating good fats can build up too much calcium. It also helps with producing sex and stress hormones. The classic understanding is that it helps our eyes, skin and bones but helping with brain development and function aren’t as widely known. Fats high in vitamin A for the client are raw milk butter, liver and pastured egg yolks. I provide an email for a local coop that provides raw milk butter, but clients can buy Organic Valley pastured butter and Kerry gold grass fed butter. Cod liver oil is a very good source of Vitamin A and if fermented is very safe to take.

Vitamin D is well known to be crucial for healthy bones and growth. Its benefits are far more reaching. Vitamin D helps with proper mineral metabolism, especially phosphorus and calcium, healthy skin, functioning of the nervous system and even helps with insulin production. The food with the highest Vitamin D is fatty fish such as sardines, salmon and beef organs. It is also in raw milk and raw milk butter. Of course, a free source is from the sun. It is suggested to clients to add butter to veggies on their plate to prevent it from being heated and to get in the sun daily.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps the skin, eyes, blood and the brain. It is found mainly in grass fed meats, fish eggs and fish but also in dairy. A non-animal source is in nuts but they should be soaked in salt water overnight and then re-dried at temp of 150-170 to reduce tannins and neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. This method of preparation is in Nourishing Traditions, “Nuts are easier to digest and their nutrients more readily available…Salt in soaking water activates enzymes that neutralize enzyme inhibitors.”(Fallon, pg. 512).

Vitamin K is what Dr. Weston Price used to call Activator X. It is especially important in bone development needed for depositing of phosphorus and calcium in bones and teeth. It can help decrease inflammation and prevent calcification of the arteries. It is also very important for the brain as it supports learning. Here again we see how fat-soluble vitamins help the nervous system at the cellular level. I suggest that clients cook poultry or potatoes in duck fat as it is a good source of vitamin K2 but only pastured and organic sources.


Vegetables share the bottom of the pyramid with oils and should be eaten freely. This category is not misunderstood as fats are, but they are severely ignored by most people. Fruits and vegetables are included in this section as they serve similar purposes for the client, but the fruits are on the second level from the top meaning they only need one to two servings a day. I always recommend eating fruits about 3 pm as most people are looking for a glucose lift with a snack. I recommend eating fruits with 2 oz of raw milk, grass fed cheese to slow the sugar rush into the body. I recommend organic blueberries, strawberries and peaches in Spring/Summer and organic apples, grapes and pears in Autumn/Winter. Most of these can be picked or found in groceries in our area of the country. Blueberries are the only native fruit in Alabama. Deeply pigmented vegetables are full of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. I spent my childhood with a mom who knew to put different colored vegetables on the plate so that you had all your nutrients. Each color represents different phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. Dr Jensen states. “I learned yellow corn has a specific vibratory rate associated with the highest foods in magnesium… I could begin to see the relationships of color, phosphates, magnesium, the brain and relaxation.” (Jensen p. 83) Colorful vegetables also make the presentation of food more pleasant and inviting. Eating should be enjoyable. Too many people don’t like vegetables because they are eating frozen or canned. Having fresh vegetables does make a difference in taste and eating fresh from the garden gives an even richer taste. I encourage clients to walk around the produce department to become more comfortable with finding a recipe on their phone. They can then gain confidence in buying and fixing it when they get home. I encourage 25% raw with something raw at every meal and explain how the water content in the vegetables will help them not to overdrink to get the food down. This keeps the gastric juices strong. I suggest the green drink (Menzel pg. 82) for breakfast, bone broth for lunch with the main meal and then water with terrain factors in the evening meal water. This helps with pH regulation as the body changes into the nighttime phase of the day. Most vegetables are low in calories, add bulk and if eaten slowly help clients feel satisfied. Our slogan at the clinic is “Eat Slow, Walk Fast”.

Vegetables are critical for most colon clients as fiber is critical to colon health. Clients tend to want to take a fiber supplement. These supplements are not in the form that nature provides so can cause constipation or diarrhea. Fiber in nature, from complex carbohydrates, has insoluble and soluble fibers in the correct ratio and can be digested and assimilated by the body. Soluble fiber is mostly found in seeds, beans and some grains and some vegetables turns to a gel as it soaks up water slowing down digestion. Insoluble fiber is found in vegetables and fruits and some grains and stays as a fiber adding bulk to the stool and is sort of a scrubby brush cleaning the colon as it moves through. The ratios of soluble and insoluble fiber in the vegetables aid in digestion and help prevent constipation. Fiber also gives us a feeling of fullness and helps control weight.

Vegetables should be prepared, ideally, at lower temperatures like steaming. Putting the good butter on afterwards helps it not get lost in the steam water. Learning how to use different spices with different vegetables really helps make the plate interesting. Sally Fallon states, “Butter added to vegetables and spread on bread, and cream added to soups and sauces, ensure proper assimilation of the minerals and water-soluble vitamins in vegetables, grains and meat.” (Fallon, pg.16) Vegetables are also delicious stir fried in coconut oil occasionally. The next level on the pyramid is proteins. This includes meats, eggs and dairy


There is almost as much confusion about eggs as there is about the proper fats in the diet. I have investigated every egg company in our local grocery store by going to their website and looking at the pictures of their “natural pastures” with the chicken houses being rotated on this “pasture”. I can only recommend clients to invest in Vital Farm Eggs as they are the only brand that I can validate where the chickens are roaming around on healthy land. These chickens are eating protein in the fields or forests from bugs, worms and such. This good source of natural protein provides the protein in the egg. The sunlight on the chickens and any plants they eat also goes into the egg. Dr. Menzel states, “Eggs from pastured hens contain up to 20 times healthier omega -3fatty acids than those from factory hens. Pastured eggs also have 10 percent less fat, 40 percent more vitamin A and 34 percents less cholesterol than eggs obtained from factory farms……All of the nutrients –including A, D, K2, beta-carotene and omega-3fatty acids – are in the yolk. So don’t ever throw the yolk out!” (Menzel pg. 199) A side note: I warn clients to investigate any chicken eggs from home farms. I suggest they kindly ask if the chickens are free roaming and what kind of grains they are given, so that they don’t eat eggs that have GMO corn or soy. Some home chicken owners aren’t aware of the dangers of GMO feed. Also, the fats in those eggs aren’t acceptable or have the Vitamin A value required. Preparation of the eggs is also important as they need to be cooked with low heat and have just firm whites with the yellow still runny or “jammy”. My sister used to call my fried eggs cremated, so I have had to adjust to softer yolks. Education about eggs is vital because of the food industries scare tactics about the yolk of an egg causing high cholesterol levels. God created it whole and it should be eaten as it is given to us from nature itself.


Almost every client is strongly opposed to dairy. I must explain that all the dairy is from homogenized, pasteurized and “poisonized” dairy. I try to educate that A2 cows are a totally different animal than the A1 cow with different proteins and sugars in the products from their milk. I share my story of milk intolerance and then explain my miraculous transition to raw milk dairy products and satisfaction of drinking such an intensely nutritional and satisfying food. Weston A Price foundation is a wonderful source for this education, and I have their brochures at the office. Their brochure goes in the initial client folder when coming for the Nutritional Consultation. If they are local, I will suggest they come and get their complimentary book before our appointment and prepay for the Consultation. This gives them the opportunity to read the book before they come and become familiar with the seven laws of wellness which includes nutrition and water. I try to use my weekly ration of milk in its raw form but do use it for low heat baked foods such as quiche or an oatmeal bake. I have found the easiest way to introduce clients to raw milk dairy, is to suggest eating the cheese with their daily fruit like the French do. A charcutier board without the meat! Fermented dairy is also recommended.


I include this nutritional topic as it is not uncommon for a client to say they don’t eat meat due to the documentaries on how the animals are treated. I have visited a regenerative farm in Georgia where Temple Grandin designed how they process the cow in preparation for slaughter. She is an expert in the field of animal science who invented the curved corrals that keep cattle from stress and panic thus decreasing the stress chemicals in the meat. I give them the name of the company as they do provide their ground beef to local groceries. Sometimes this allows them to eat beef with a clear conscience. It is important for clients to understand the process of cyclical farming with beef ranches and dairy farms so they can reconnect with nature’s cycle of sunlight, nutrients in the plants, animals eating the grass, animals fertilizing the fields and then the soil able to nourish the grass.


Bone broths have made a comeback but are usually bought in the store. These must be carefully researched to make sure they are from free range and grass-fed animals, or the broth can be contaminated depending on what the animal was fed. How important are homemade bone broths? “Bone broth is a medicinal food! “Good broth will resurrect the dead.”. (Menzel p. 212) The trick is to find a local farmer that uses regenerative farming and then ask him for the bones of the animals. A simple gravy can be made with bone broth and then taking the pan off the heat and adding Crème Fraiche at the end to thicken. Perfect on baked or roasted chicken. Luckily, there are many good recipes on the internet for making bone broths. There are also many famous chefs who do use bone broth as the basis for their soups or other dishes.


Grains and sugars are the top level meaning they should be eaten in the least quantities compared to the other levels. All grains or seeds should be sprouted so they are in a pre-digested form which is easier on the gastrointestinal track. The plant that is sprouted makes the protein available to be absorbed. When clients have just started to transition to whole foods, I do suggest that they change their bread from regular to sprouted breads of any kind. If they want to be adventurous, they can buy sprouted flour to make their own bread. Buying the already sprouted flours, grains and seeds can decrease the stress of too many food changes in the beginning. You can even buy sprouted quinoa now.


Constipation, diarrhea, being gassy are all possible symptoms of the client that comes for colon hydrotherapy. Conventional medicine, from my perspective and their frame of mind, has always seen this from the perspective of removing the symptom so that the client can have regular bowel movements. Usually, a script for the pharmacy is their mode of operation instead of investigating the client from a wholistic philosophy which recognizes the nutrition, hydration or events/stress in a person’s life. Clients are physical, emotional, and spiritual with thoughts, feelings, experiences, traumas and stress. Conventional medicine, along with the patient abdicating their responsibility for their own health, has adopted a philosophy of “a pill for every ill”. Maybe our society has taught clients that medical people are there for that reason – to tell why they have the symptoms and then especially, to get something so it will go away. “For generations, we have become accustomed to receiving medication for every “illness” to get well. It’s normal that when we go to see a doctor, we come out with a prescription. It gives the patient a comforting feeling. After all, having “something in their hands” means having a bit of hope for eliminating the evil from their lives. These prescriptions confirm our belief that the cause is “external;” otherwise, an “external” cure could not happen. …It is a way of handing over our responsibility…Since we have no idea why we get sick or stay healthy, relinquishing responsibility is the easiest option.”(Eybl, pg.7) Also, our society has an “expert” mentality where we take pride and talk about all the experts we go to for all of our troubles – as if we are showing our great intelligence by going to the best “experts” that good insurance or money can buy. Our purpose, as bioenergetic counselors, is to listen to the client so we can hear what their concern is and then build their confidence in the body’s ability to heal. This helps alleviate fear which is so damaging to our mindset and body. It is also important that we don’t claim to be the expert but in word and deed let them transition to the mindset that they are responsible and can be empowered to be the decision maker about their health trajectory.

The beauty of the natural laws operating in the body is that they can help us make sense of what is happening in our body so that once again we can have confidence in listening, interpreting, and taking care of our body. With this perspective and the guidance of the SpectraVision equipment clients can get a more accurate picture and we can be a guiding counselor. There are five biological, natural laws of the body and they will be outlined here for further discussion on how this plays out in the symptoms of the colon hydrotherapy client.

The 1st biological law states that any symptom or “disease” starts with an unexpected acute event called a biological conflict or program that happens simultaneously on three levels: psyche-brain-organ. This biological program is determined immediately as the psyche-brain organ responds to the event as one unit. What it affects is determined by the person’s perception of the unexpected event. The content of the conflict determines which organ will be affected and from which area of the brain the program will be controlled. This is a biological conflict that starts to support the body, and which will continue in the body until it is resolved. The biological purpose of the program is to improve the functioning of the organ or tissue so we can survive. The autonomic nervous system activates the sympathetic nervous system, and we are in fight or flight due to a perceived threat. We are unaware of this psyche-brain organ occurrence but are very aware of our feelings that follow. If the stress or concerns of daily life are chronic, they can be imprinted as a biological program as they are never resolved and constant. The course of the biological program should go from the beginning conflict shock to the healing phase which then brings the person into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. This healing phase does include a sympathetic healing crisis spike or surge. Then they enter the second phase of healing when complete resolution occurs. The intensity of the unexpected event and the duration of active conflict determines the length and intensity of the healing. The example is given of an unexpected loss in a man’s life that can either be a loss-conflict, a resistance conflict, a self-esteem conflict, loss of territory conflict, frontal fear conflict or no conflict due to no perceived loss. Eybl states “the determining factor…. always depends on the psychic structure, weaknesses and the resonances affecting the individual.” (Eybl pg. 11)

The 2nd biological law states that the biological program runs in two phases if the program is resolved. The first phase is the sympathetic mode or cold phase; the client is conflict active where they are constantly engaged in what happened. A term would be that the person is consumed by the event. Symptoms can be cold hands, increased respirations and heartbeat, sleeping poorly, nausea, chills, low blood sugar and loss of appetite. There is a ruminating factor to this phase. Of course, between the first and second phase, is hopefully the resolution of the conflict by downgrading or reconstructing the event. The second phase is the parasympathetic mode or warm phase; the client is in the healing phase where they are usually exhausted from the first phase. The symptoms can be relaxation, calmer thinking, inflammation, fever, itching, swelling, pain or discharge. The brain and organ hold onto water in the first part of this phase, so it can heal. Fluid protects the area of the body that is healing. Interestingly, in the middle of the healing phase is the epi-crisis where the body has a sympathetic spike with a repeat of the cold phase. The function of this is to relieve the fluid from the brain. The symptoms depend on the nature of the conflict, the organ and the area of the brain involved. In the latter part of the healing phase, the body releases the fluid that was kept through the kidneys. Most of the “diseases” or symptoms we go to the doctor for, are in this healing phase. This is especially true if we go to a doctor and they feel conditioned to give us a diagnosis for our satisfaction and insurance coverage for the visit. Most antibiotics and steroids are given during this phase when the client does not realize that the body is healing and not sick.

The 3rd biological law connects the biological program with the specific embryonic layer which has three germ layers. This is referred to as the Ontogenetic System of biological programs. “All organs from the same germ layer are controlled by the same area of the brain.” per Andi Locke-Mears. This brings order from the science of embryology, that we can use to understand. This brings order to whether we will have cell loss or proliferation in either phase. The germ layer predicts what will happen in the tissue whether it be cell growth, cell loss or a loss of function of that organ during the conflict active stage. Then in the healing phase the opposite occurs to restore or destroy the tissue. For the discussion of the colon hydrotherapy client, we are only concerned about the brainstem and midbrain inner germ layer called the endoderm. This is the ancient and first formed part of the brain. Here there is increased function with cell growth during the active phase and cell degradation with fungi or bacteria during the healing phase.

The 4th biological law states that all microbes in the body have a beneficial or healing role. Every different kind of microbe is controlled by different regions of the brain. In the beginnings of modern medicine, these microbes were found in the body and blamed for the disease or seen when they opened the body for surgery. The example of the fire truck at the scene of the fire being the cause and not the solution to put out the fire, shows the absurdity of this logic. At this time, non-completed research was the cause of germ theory. The infection paradigm that is rampant today, explains the fear of things coming from outside of our bodies to invade us. This 4th law that describes the microbes in our bodies as being used to heal our bodies is very hard for the client to understand and can scare them when they are having symptoms causing many to rely again on conventional medicine paradigms and fixes. Being a hospice nurse for twenty years, the natural law medicine flipped things on its head for me. The 4th biological law was mind altering but after study, it shows the logical order we were created with. The tricky part is whether the body will be able to gain balance again and not be overcome with the microbe load of healing or the dramatic release of energy amassed during a long conflict active period. The new human products are miraculous here, where they do not shock the body due to being in a micro-herbal preparation that supports the body, so it can come through the entire healing process with support. Whole herbs or prescriptions can halt the healing process. Of course, the client’s ability to understand the cause of the biological program is of utmost importance so that resolution of the conflict can occur. This is where the counselor’s listening, guidance and support are paramount.

The 5th biological law states that every “disease” is part of this biological program of nature. The function of the biological program is to help us during this unexpected situation, when we did not expect it and were totally caught off guard. So, each “disease” does have a special significance that has meaning and we should get to the root of it, so the body can heal. Most clients come to me for constipation. Any biological program in the digestive tract is related to the “food” part of the brain and is figuratively a “morsel/chunk conflict”. This can be an object or perception of certain unexpected circumstances or events seen in this way. So, the situation would be something indigestible, unable to absorb or take in.

The two programs that will be discussed are that of the Colon Mucosa and the Intestinal Muscles. These two types of chunk biological programs that affect the large intestines are from the ectoderm germ layer and are controlled by the brainstem. The biological conflict of the Colon Mucosa is manifested in different ways. All are where you cannot get rid of something that is not only indigestible but has a burdensome or aggravating quality to it. It has a meanness or ugly component to it – and a response of indigestible-anger. An example is where the program can be triggered by false accusations, betrayal or underhandedness. In a conflict-active phase, there is needed increased function with cell growth or proliferation so the colon can get rid of it. Dr. Hamer is quoted in, “in colon “cancer”, the extra cells increase the production of digestive juices to be able to manage and digest or help to pass through the indigestible morsel conflict.” With Colon Mucosa, the growth can be flat or cauliflower like and if found when small enough will be labeled a benign polyp. If it gets to a certain larger size, it will be labeled as a cancer. The other condition with Colon Mucosa is if it becomes a chronic recurring process which causes inflammation. This is where the healing does not finish, but a trigger of the biological program causes the client to go back into the conflict active phase. If in the colon, ascending, transverse and descending, Crohn’s disease is usually diagnosed. If it is in the Sigmoid colon (right before the anal vault), it will usually be diagnosed as either diverticulosis or as diverticulitis. Diverticulosis is formed after persistent repair which is defined as a short active phase but longer repair phases. This diverticulosis is then due to a thinning of the mucosa wall leading to a pouch bulging out. Diverticulitis is inflammation of these pouches. These are all from a recurring conflict or a hanging healing. In either case the healing phase is the same; there is cell minus or taking away of the growth with bacteria or fungi. The healing symptoms are varied. They can include abdominal cramps, bloody stools or diarrhea. Night sweats and nausea are typical in the epileptoid crisis. E. coli, a normal bacterium in the colon, can cause abdominal pain and bloody or plain diarrhea. The colon can also use a plentiful fungus or as we call yeast to “eat away” the extra growth. It seems that further down the colon toward the exit of the body reveals a more crappy or nasty situation or object causing the biological program. Sensitivity is very important with these clients as (excuse my French) they have been through a shitty situation. I did have a client where I could not progress any further up the colon with water after leaving much time for things to be softened and released out of the body. With prudence, I suggested a doctor visit if the colon did not clear by the next day. He went to the ER and was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was not educated at the time in natural law principles so didn’t understand at all what was happening behind the symptoms of colon blockage. It was at a point where he could not pass any stool and needed lifesaving surgery but probably not all the rest that comes with that diagnosis and treatment thereof.

There is another possible program running in the colon but of the Intestinal Muscles. Bjorn Eybl delineates this as different from a morsel/chunk with indigestible anger. “Motor (being movement) chunk conflict, not being able to move something further. Something does not come through. Topic standstill, stagnation or too many tasks simultaneously. Constipation: Something/a situation is not yet completely digested (awaiting a solution/resolution) or one wants to hold something back.” (Eybl pg.199) Peristalsis is the movement of two sets of muscles. One set contracts and the other relaxes which moves the morsel through. With this conflict the smooth muscle of the colon does originate from the endoderm, but it is controlled by the midbrain, not in the brainstem as the above territorial conflict is. Because it is a motor conflict it is described figuratively as not being able to move something on or pass the morsel out of the body. It has an indigestible quality but also unable to move with the muscles. It can be described symptom wise, as a malfunctioning colon where the one part wants to forcefully moves things out where other sections slow down. This causes constipation and bloating because the colon muscle expands in this area instead of contracting as in the other area. I have had clients that complained of diarrhea and constipation which can be indicative of this program. The healing phase for this program is characterized by diarrhea when the morsel is removed. The epileptoid crisis is usually intense cramping from one part of the colon and intestinal gas release from that stagnant part of the colon that was relaxed.

Something that complicates figuring out the biological program when constipation presents itself is that in any conflict active phase, one doesn’t drink and the colon slows. So, constipation can occur with any biological conflict. The interesting thing is that with a kidney program in the background, there can be dry and hard stools. I always want to be alert to the fact that the Kidney Syndrome might be lurking in the background, as it complicates the resolution of the program. Thus, this is the work of the counselor to take a good health history to see not only the symptoms, but what the memorable events were in the client’s life. It is also important to help them put words to these events or ask them questions. Examples in The Psychic Roots of Disease are 1) for an intestinal muscle program, “It won’t budge., I can’t keep things moving forward., Not that too!” or “Where am I stagnating?, What isn’t fully digested?, What don’t I want to give up? Why?, Conditioning?” 2)for a colon mucosa program, “Something unpleasant, not being able to get rid of “crap”, not being able to cope with something vile, devious or mean.“ or “What has been pressuring me for a long time? What is hard for me to talk about (isolation)?, What “crap” would I like to be rid of ?, What new attitude and which external changes would heal me?” (Eybl, pg. 199,201) I also use “Metaphysical Anatomy” by Evette Rose as a resource as she has slightly different questions to ask that are helpful. There can also be a spiritual component as mentioned in, “conflicts we are facing are an invitation to reconsidering our attitude, letting go of anger, viewing the situation from a different angle, trying to see the larger picture, understanding the position of the people involved, and to practicing forgiveness and loving kindness as the true source of healing.” I take comfort in Dr Hamer’s quote on this website, “If a patient has been made aware of all the facts, he will no longer need to get frightened by his symptoms. He can now fully accept these as the healing symptoms they are – all of which had until now caused fear and panic. In the greatest number of cases, the whole episode will pass without any serious consequences.”

When colon hydrotherapy clients come to me it is a perfect opportunity to not only relieve the acute symptoms with colon hydrotherapy but to also educate that there are “emotional” and lifestyle factors related to the colon symptoms that could reoccur if not investigated further. I also give a minute or two intro to natural law principles and most realize that there are contributing factors from their life experiences. This is when a nutritional consultation is offered to start the process of change. I do this separately as I have found a three hour appointment too much for the mind to absorb and the bottom to endure. For both of us! At the consultation, I give them the complimentary book, The Transformation by Dr Menzel, with post it note tabs to mark especially important sections to start with. My plan is to suggest three consecutive SpectraVision appointments for the MBB protocol or a regular initial SpectraVision appointment.

Coming full circle, I again believe nutritional principles and lifestyle choices in The Transformation ring true. Bjorn Eybl makes a profound statement, “An undernourished, “rundown” living being is prone to attract conflict upon themselves. E.g., self-esteem conflicts because they feel inferior, territory conflicts because they are too weak to defend their territory, anger conflicts because they have lost the fight for the “chunk.”” (Eyblpg.58) When eating whole foods, the body has the energy necessary to hopefully move through the conflict active phase into the healing phase. Hopefully, they can also move through the repair phase symptoms more gently. Especially in the healing phase, nutrition is of vital importance, but clients sometimes need the help of friends and family as they are exhausted. They might not have the energy to provide such food for themselves. This is when having the green drink ingredients on hand and whole foods that are already prepared and tucked away frozen, can be vital. Giving the body adequate fuel, fit for a Maserati and not an old Volkswagen Beetle, and rest gives the body the necessary resources for all the amazing and intricate functions the body must perform.

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