BNC Board Exam Prep Course


[q] Deficiencies

[a] - A problem today because the food we've been consuming for the last four/five generations has been stripped of its vital nutrients.

- The body does not have the necessary catalysts of enzymes and minerals it needs to digest food properly.

- A diet high in refined carbohydrates will also be deficient in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes - those elements that keep the glands and organs in good repair.

- Because of the severity of our deficiencies, we must supplement even if we are eating a perfect diet.

[q] Catalysts

[a] Enzymes and minerals needed for proper digestion

[q] Refined carbohydrates

[a] Carbohydrates lacking in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes

[q] Supplement

[a] Additional intake required to compensate for deficiencies

[q] Vegetable diet

[a] Diet lacking in all sixteen elements for a balanced diet

[q] Vitamin B6

[a] Vitamin found mostly in animal foods

[q] Vitamin B12

[a] - Usable B12 occurs only in animal products.

- Rendered unusable by pasteurization