Bionetic Naturopathic Counselor Board Certification Exam – Prep Course Study Guide

BNC Board Exam Prep Course/Study Guide


  1. Biofields: (Reference:  The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale – pages 95, TCM A+P course – TCM A+P Study Overview lesson)
  • Putative energy fields, also called biofields or subtle fields, cannot be measured.
  • They are not separate from the mechanical or measurable fields, but rather, they occupy a space and run at frequencies that cannot be perceived except through their effects.
  • They’re connected into the body by the meridians,the nadis, and the chakras, which are able to convert the fast-moving frequencies into the slower and mechanical fields and forces.
  • They contain the intelligence of both Aether and Consciousness that created them.
  • The energy channels and bodies are “antennae” that receive and send information via the fields and transform this information so it can be used by the body. 
  • They are intelligent because of the psyche which is inside or part of the brain/body link that interfaces with the biofield. 


  1. Study pages 183-207 in The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale. Be able to name the 12 major meridians, the two most important secondary meridians, and the points of origin for each.


  1. Be familiar with the Tooth Chart (See Voll Polarity Course – Voll Polarity Information and Reference Documents lesson)


  1. Facts about meridians: (Reference: The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale chapters 29, 30, and 31, and Voll Polarity Manual page 22)
  • They travel through the fascia and the teeth
  • They are energy pathways for chi
  • They lie in the connective tissue and are antennae for subtle energies
  • Focal Disturbance = chronically low points or meridians that are blocked or weak due to the presence of scar tissue, missing teeth, or metals. 
  • Chronically low points or meridians that are blocked or weak impede wellness.


  1. Electro-acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) Testing: (Reference: Voll Polarity Manual pages 8 and 9)

  -Based on electrical resistance to any of over two thousand acupoints in the body. Voll measured what he termed control points which had the greatest correlation with the meridian activity overall.  He found that a reading of 50 based on a scale of 0-100 was considered balanced, and any reading lower than 50 indicates an energetic blockage in the organ meridian that “corresponds” to the acupoint. It is much like acupuncture, but it is ‘real time’ and offers quick insight as to the nature, condition, and quality of the energy at the measurement point and allows for energetic, electrical, and electromagnetic stimulation of the body to enhance, or aid the related bodily processes. 


  1. Chi: (Reference: Voll Polarity Manual -page 7, General Circulation of Energy Charts in Voll Polarity Information and Reference Documents lesson and page 26 of the Balancing Resource Guide)
  • The vital force (chi) creates order in living systems and constantly is in motion.  When the body becomes limited in its availability to fully resonate with the energy, or gets out of tune, the body needs support to aid its detoxification, support,and repair. Even though the life force is energetic, it is also bioelectric in nature, and as such it requires specific minerals and nutrition which allows for the biochemical and bioelectric action to take place.  The life force within living systems is now being identified as bio-electrical in nature and similar to the life force or what the Chinese call chi. Chi runs through the body along meridian pathways and according to a 24-hour clock. 


  1. Testing Polarity: (Reference: Voll Polarity Manual – pages 14 and 15, The Five Elements Chart – Voll Polarity Information and Reference Documents – General Circulation of Energy Chart, Stress + Health Manual – Stress Overview)
  • In bioenergetics, polarity is considered to be representative of the body’s capacity to generate, circulate, and dissipate energy. Relative to that, it is also associated with the cleansing and detoxifying action of the blood. 
  • When testing polarity, the client will localize with their index finger on their navel, while point testing on the large intestine (LI-CMP)
  • Testing polarity is comparing the flow of energy on each pathway to the dynamic flow of energy.
  • Voll polarity is measuring the flow of energy in the body. When flow is impeded the body becomes toxic. 
  • Without the proper exchange of energy, there’s no ability for the body to reorganize itself. 
  • If polarity is blocked, recommend:
  1. Vitalizer Foot Bath Therapy/Seabed Mineral Soaks
  2. Proper Hydration
  3. Tissue Salts
  4. Terrain Factors
  5. The Geno that Balances
  • Geno 1 = Kidney/Bladder = Fear, anxiety, groaning
  • Geno 2 = Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas = Empathy, sympathy, singing
  • Geno 3 = Liver/Gallbladder = Anger, resentment, shouting
  • Geno 4 = Lung/Large Intestine = Grief, guilt, regret, crying, deep sighing
  • Geno 5 = Heart/Small Intestine = Joy, love, hate, laughter


  1. Bionetic Technology: (Reference: Stress + Health Manual, Single Channel Point Testing Guide, 
  • Bionetics = vibration including bio-electrical energy, energetic transmission and interaction, and the energy system’s interplay within the intelligence of the body, is known as the Science of Bionetics.
  • It measures chi and subtle energy balancing.  When stress hits the body, it drains it of its subtle energy first. 
  • The results of a scan reflect the effects of stress on body systems. 
  • A scan can be successfully run at any time of the day.
  • When looking at the 1-10’s on the reports, we are looking at energy flow along organ meridians, not actual organ function. 
  • A reading of ‘1’ indicates low energy, a reading of ‘10’ indicates high energy consumption, and a reading of ‘5’ indicates ‘balance’ along the meridian. 
  • When looking at the reports, any meridian with a 1 or 10  reading is an imbalanced meridian.
  • To move a meridian from a state of imbalance to a state of balance, one must not only consider support for that specific meridian alone, as meridians can become imbalanced due to poor energy flow along other meridians. For example, an imbalance reading on the lung meridian may result due to an underlying issue from the spleen meridian or the kidney meridian. 
  • Rise = positive changes in frequency and amplitude relative to the baseline, representing inflamed or heightened reactivity. (Acute responses)
  • Fall = negative changes in frequency and amplitude relative to the baseline, representing fatigued or reduced reactivity. (Loss of Energy)
  • Duration = the signal’s recovery time to return to its pre-response baseline condition, representing chronology or chronicity. (Historical Influence)
  • Change = the maximum single wave deviation from the baseline; the difference between the highest rise and the lowest fall. 
  • Technology does not diagnose; only licensed medical doctors do.  The equipment used in bionetics provides a unique perspective of the body’s energy fields that allows us to evaluate the relative bioelectric activity of the meridian pathways and tissues.  We do not evaluate organs, or any other part of the body, regarding their function. You are evaluating the energy that is serving that organ’s meridian pathway. 
  • Bionetic balancing reduces stress and inflammation responses in a general way. It builds the immune system.  Information on the scan can provide specific awareness to past and current events. This is active stress management. 
  • As a practitioner, you are helping to balance the body energetically in order to maximize the opportunities for self-healing.
  • The body is designed to use symptoms to relieve old stresses and to recover back to homeostasis. Bionetics is explaining the basis of the cause of symptoms.


  1. Laser: (Referece: Setting Up Your Spectravision – Laser lesson)
  • LASER = Light, Amplification, Stimulated, Emission, Radiation
  • (Light) photon = energy converted to optical energy
  • Law of Conservation of Energy = Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can change its form.  *photons create electron exchange within the body.
  • 4 unique characteristics of Lasers: 
  1. Coherent
  2. Collimated
  3. Directional
  4. Monochromatic
  • Lasers most commonly work on the epidermis and dermis levels
  • When laser light is absorbed, energy is transferred to the tissue and biological reactions occur. That’s when there’s an exchange of tissues and cellular mitochondria activity.
  • Photobiostimulation = photons convert into a chemical energy
  • Photon energy penetrates into the mitochondria to cytochromes and porphyrins that cause a build-up of singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen influences the formation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the cells’ energy and fuel source, to 10 times the average rate. 
  • Every cell in your body contains information about the whole organism. This is why transplanted cells can take on surrounding tissue characteristics and why cloning is now feasible.  But it’s not just genetics, and it’s not simply biochemistry that drives the machinery. Physicist Fritz Popp demonstrated that every cell resonates with a particular, measurable frequency unique to that life form, a frequency that determines and activates the function of the cell. New and developing cells were shown to resonate within the spectrum of ultraviolet light. At the moment of death, cells were observed to release a single biophoton, resulting in a transfer of data and programming the new cell to function just like the expired cell. This phenomenon could help explain the results of cell growth experiments conducted in France where undifferentiated root tip cells from an onion, placed next to mature cells from other parts of the same onion, were observed to develop into the same type of mature cell even though the two sets of cells were physically isolated in separate containers. This kind of transmission of functional information not only implies the holographic nature of life, but casts suspicions on our three-dimensional grasp on reality. We may speculate then that not only is biological data transmissible between cells by non-physical means, but that this data may form patterns of information, “healthy” or otherwise, that can be perpetuated until the energetic patterns of the cells are altered or restored.  (Reference: Stress + Health Manual – page 7)


  1. Stress: (Reference: Voll Polarity Manual – page 1, Fundamental of Bionetics Manual, Stress + Health Manual)
  • Prolonged stress weakens the flow of energy to organ systems.
  • A whole foods diet is the best way to build resilience.
  • A reduction in physiological stress caused by emotional imbalances, dietary choices and environmental substances can alleviate many symptomatic expressions experienced in daily life, and increase the body’s ability to repair and regenerate. 
  • During stress events, the brain creates associations between environmental substances that we experience: ingest, breathe, and touch for example. Some of the associations are inappropriate and trigger symptoms you may be experiencing. They can be associated inappropriately to build background associations that the nervous system feels it needs to “keep” as a way of being on alert. Because many of them were not directly influential, they can be released; these associations can be broken by introducing a positive stimulus in conjunction with the specific stress-inducing substance causing a reduction or elimination of symptoms. This process regains vital energy. There are two ways to release old associations: one is the “lighter ones” cleared using EMOTOX. The deeper ones are “cleared” using Voll Bionetics Polarity Therapy.
  • Triggers or recurrences are the basis for all allergies.
  • From the bionetic standpoint, allergens should be considered a subcategory of reactions or Learned Emotional Responses.
  • Illness is a healing event, meaning that the body is inherently well, but due to some type of previous stressor, (allostasis- stress load) the body is recovering from its loss of balance. Illness is a functional repair process as the body/mind is becoming homeostatic (regaining balance).
  • Be familiar with Short Pinky and ACE (See Voll Polarity – Information and Reference Documents for Short Little Finger Protocol and See Mindscapes for ACE Worksheet)


  1. Natural Laws of Healing:(Reference: The Psychic Roots of Disease by Bjorn Eybl)
  • The 5 Biological Laws of Nature describe the causes and progression of almost all diseases, but they do not apply to injuries, poisoning, and deficiency diseases. 
  • Know each of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature 
  • Special programs can start without a “highly acute and dramatic” onset. If stress, worries, or concerns of daily life last long enough, they become solidified as biological conflicts. 
  • By understanding the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, we realize that everything in the body has order and meaning. What we refer to as “disease” is, in fact, a consequence of an exceptional biological situation – part of nature’s survival strategy. 
  • Each tissue, every organ, has a “normal program” for its standard functioning in “everyday life” and a special program (SBS) for extraordinary situations, for “biological catastrophes”. 
  • Viruses= Very small nucleic acid protein compounds (globulins) in the blood and other fluids of the body. It is possible that the cerebrum works with these proteins to build up missing ectodermal tissue in the repair phase. 
  • According to GNM, viruses present during the healing phase of a cerebral cortex (ectoderm) program. They are designed to repair the cell degradation that occurred during conflict activity.
  • In terms of time, there is a difference between SBS and “disease”. Each SBS begins with a conflict-shock and lasts until the end of the repair phase. Most “disease” symptoms only occur during the repair phase. 
  • What happened is not the determining factor of the type of conflict experienced, but rather how the patient perceives what has happened. 
  • With right-handers, the left half of the body is the mother/child side. This side is related to your own mother, your own children or the people and animals that evoke these emotions. The right half of a right-handed person’s body is the partner side (life or business associates, friends, enemies, partners, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and all other people). 
  • It is only the brainstem SBS, the chunk conflicts, that handedness does not play a role.
  • The location affected by symptoms doesn’t always have a parent-child or partner reference. Local conflicts can occur anywhere. Example: A right-hander gets a slap on the right cheek. A basal cell carcinoma forms on the right cheek. The conflict had nothing to do with mother-child or partner, but simply with the unwanted skin contact. 
  • Generalized conflicts impact both sides and are not specific to right or left side as determined by ‘handedness’. Left and right side correlations can sometimes by seen within a generalized program as well. 
  • It is best to resolve or downgrade conflicts as quickly as possible. 
  • Awareness and understanding of conflicts does not guarantee you can immediately resolve them completely. 
  • Awareness and understanding of the conflict helps eliminate fear and therefore assists the person in making sound decisions for the betterment of their health and wellness. 
  • Two philosophies about the immune system: 
  1. Fighting a battle by defending against attack
  2. Supporting the body in recovery after periods of heightened stress.
  • Metastases = newly formed cancers (second or third cancers), usually caused by conventional medicine’s death-diagnosis and prognosis shocks.                          Examples: Death-fright affects the lungs (most common second cancer) or Self-Devaluation conflict affects the bones.   
  • Labeling yourself as a GNM practitioner or practicing GNM health science can be seen as practicing medicine. 
  • GNM methods are not to be used to practice medicine or imply that there is a different or better way to practice medicine. The practice of medicine is restricted to licensed and Board Certified Doctors who are authorized and trained to be a medical professional. 
  • The practice of ‘Wellness’ is limited to the issue of maintaining wellness – not the treatment of symptoms – or changing the state of the unwell. 
  • If asked, “Can you do anything with ___________ condition?” Your best response might be for example, “Yes, we can help the body find the energy to recover its resiliency and balance is the key to wellness. We can help support your body.”
  • Know the characteristics of the conflict-active phase and the repair phase. Healing occurs in a fluid environment. 
  • Be familiar with the chart on page 15 of The Psychic Roots of Diseases by Bjorn Eybl.
  • Be familiar with the following programs through a GNM lens:
  1. Pituitary 
  2. Adrenal
  3. Teeth/Jaw
  4. Kidney
  5. Shoulder 
  6. Corona
  7. Disfigurement conflicts
  8. Separation conflicts
  9. Indigestible Morsel conflicts
  10. Self-Devaluation conflicts


  1. Single-Channel Point Testing: (Single Channel Point Testing Guide)
  • CMP = Control Measurement Point; When encountering stuck or weak CMP points, you can test a product on the plate to see if it can change the state of that point. The substance can be virtually created using software, or just a bottle of herbals on the plate.
  • SMP= Secondary or Summation Measurement Point
  • Loop = Circuit
  • MPR = Multiphasic Response; Represents a summation of total deviations from all responses to the baseline frequency. The stimulus represents a substance or condition that could either have a favorable or unfavorable impact on the organism. In general, a high MPR indicates that the substance or condition is of high importance in the overall data grid. 
  • The two major objectives when doing Single Channel Point Testing:
  1. Open the lymph
  2. Stop the Drop
  • A low-reading on the indicator represents high resistance along the meridian – evidence of some disruption to the flow of energy; weak (fatigued)
  • A high-reading on the indicator represents low meridian resistance, meaning there is stress or inflammation impacting the body relative to that meridian; Hypertonic 
  • A balanced reading = 46-56
  • A Blocked point (stuck/repressed) = Any score that seems to respond in a way that is NOT dynamic (basically flat). It demonstrates a blocked meridian. The reading is usually less than 35 and is unresponsive (pressing harder doesn’t change it). 
  • Scores obtained during Bionetic Stress Testing represent the measured flow of energy through the meridians. 
  • Only energy flow is being tested, not the actual organs or organ functions. 
  • Organ of Involvement = determined by MPR. The organ with the highest MPR and correlates with the 5 Elements is the Organ of Involvement. 


  1. Lymph:  (Reference: Stress + Health Manual – page 12, Fundamental of Bionetics Manual, Voll Polarity Manual)
  • Low lymph drainage equates to high energy drainage on the part of the rest of the immune system to compensate. 
  • Opening the lymph is a top priority. In this respect, it should be considered first in therapy, but not necessarily first in sequence. 
  • Lymph is tested on the LY-CMP while localizing. 
  • When point testing, any signal that drops from its high point on the meridian flow indicates some degree of restricted lymph due to a focal disturbance or other toxic interference. 
  • You can provide additional support by finding an appropriate pre-prepared lymph drainage formula that corrects the flow along the meridian. 


  1. Deficiencies: (Stress + Health Manual, The Transformation 48 Days to Eating and Living Naturally for Life, Nourishing Traditions)
  • Deficiencies are a problem today because the food we’ve been consuming for the last four/five generations has been stripped of its vital nutrients. The body does not have the necessary catalysts of enzymes and minerals it needs to digest food properly. A diet high in refined carbohydrates will also be deficient in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes – those elements that keep the glands and organs in good repair. Because of the severity of our deficiencies, we must supplement even if we are eating a perfect diet. 
  • A vegetable diet needs to be studied carefully because strictness here will not supply all the sixteen elements necessary for a balanced diet. 
  • Vitamin B6 and B12 are found mostly in animal foods. Usable B12 occurs only in animal products. 
  • B12 is rendered unusable by pasteurization
  • Research has shown blood levels of vitamin B12 in adult vegetarians to be deficient. 


  1. Mind: (Mindscapes)
  • The mind links the body and spirit together.
  • The mind and the biofield are the same = Bio Intelligence. 
  • Dr. Pert stated that the mind is floating throughout the body. The body is an omni-directional system that senses, interprets, distributes, stores, and accesses information. The use of these processes allows for progression as a species, protects the self and opens the biological system to self-awareness. 
  • The mind has the power to create physiological responses as though the event being imagined was actually happening. The patient’s belief has a remarkable influence on healing. The mind has so much power that it can be used to control physiological functions, speed healing, and generally reduce pain. 
  • The best question to ask someone who wants to eliminate symptoms is – What are you going to do when you are well? Imagination and change of perspective is key in regaining psychological and emotional control. 
  • Dr. Barbara Brown discovered that the mind was readily accessible through the skin. She measured the body/mind link using medical equipment that registered changes in the body’s electrical system through a process called galvanic skin response.  She also found that her “skin talk” technology was able to entrain the subconscious mind. Her research taught her that almost all of the actions of mind can be measured through the skin and that the muscles, skin, brain, and heart all communicate via changes controlled by the seat of the emotions. The mind is capable of accessing infinite amounts of bits of memory and combining the associations of isolated events in such a way as to respond, preserve, protect, and act within its environment.
  • Dr. Pert’s findings showed that by changing emotions, the body is stimulated to create specific neurotransmitters. Her research proves that thoughts, in the form of sensory inputs, stimulate production of neurotransmitters that access the body/emotional storage library and selectively activate a specific sensory response from the memory data bank. 

Aspects of memory are biological as well as emotional. The experience of emotion is a uniquely patterned, multi-dimensional event much like a key that fits a lock. Each emotion is uniquely shaped. 

If we are to consider that specially shaped molecules are keys, able to activate physiological functions such as emotion, it is not difficult to recognize that, on a bio-molecular level, activating memory and eliciting emotion are multi-dimensional events. But they are events that are filtered somewhat by the subconscious mind.  

  • One key question must be answered in order to be well – Who Am I?