Intro to Bionetics Hands On Training


All dates subject to change at the discretion of the Energetic Wellness School of
Naturopathy based on attendance. Check dates two weeks prior to class. It is advised to purchase flight insurance. Students must attend one Intro to Bionetics, one Voll Polarity, and one Mindscapes Seminar offered in 2020.

Training cost included with specific programs.
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Intro to Bionetics will focus on helping you understand all of the pieces of the Bionetic Wellness Protocol.

The basis for Bionetic feedback can be found in the origin of the word itself. Webster’s Dictionary defines the prefix bio simply as coming from the Greek for life. Net is derived from the Old English words for weaving together. Bionetics, based on biofeedback, is a complex bioelectric body communication system combining many of the life sciences. Using the concepts of BioEnergy, it was developed for measuring stress through non-cognitive biofeedback and integrates advanced computer technology with holism.

Because Bionetics consists of computerized non-cognitive biofeedback stress profiling, practitioners may employ many supportive modalities, such as herbology, homeopathy, music, diet and nutrition, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes, restructuring of belief and thought patterns, and identification of stressors.

The study of Bionetics basically incorporates all aspects of the functions of the human body/mind system. It measures stress signals, creates a stress map, and incorporates a stress evaluation based on all levels of human experience: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Bionetics goes beyond the boundaries of Newton’s mechanical laws to look at the unlimited potential and innate ability of the human body to communicate its needs to aid in self-healing.


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