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German New Medicine Workshop – Presented by Andi locke mears

June 12 – 13, 2020

After Dr. Hamer discovered the cause of every physical symptom (“diseases”), he turned his attention to mental “diseases.”

He discovered they are a result of two biological conflicts – one in each brain hemisphere.  There are particular combinations of conflicts that result in:

  • delusions (paranoia, delusions of grandeur)
  • hallucinations (visual, auditory, olfactory)
  • impaired cognition (ADD, dementia, short-term memory loss, confusion)
  • abnormal movements and vocalizations (tics, Tourettes)
  • obsessive thoughts ( related to death, dying, suicide, sex, etc)
  • compulsive behaviors (ADHD, cutting, lying, hoarding)

He called these “Constellations.”

We will study all of these including:

  • mood disorders such as depression and mania
  • behaviors such as dementia, tics, narcissism, hostility, excessive talkativeness, sexual promiscuity, ADD, and much more
  • and what we would call, “mental illness” and psychosis.

Day 1 Agenda: Learn or review the 5 Biological Laws of GNM
Day 2 Agenda: Learn all the Constellations and how to identify them in people.  We’ll also be reviewing your case studies so come prepared with lots of questions!



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